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Modernizing the Social Security Administration’s Aging Digital Infrastructure 

The Social Security Administration’s aging infrastructure was unprepared to handle forecasted increases in new retirement claims predicted for the near future. They needed scalable and automated solutions to stand up their systems and tackle the rapidly rising number of retirement claims with speed and accuracy.  

About the SSA  

The U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) processes all claims related to government benefits for retirement, disability, and survivorship, and tracks all active benefit recipients. Due to the aging U.S. population, the processing of new retirement and disability claims has increased substantially in recent years, with more than 30 million new claimants predicted over the next 25 years.  

The Challenge: Outdated Infrastructure

SSAs IT infrastructure was outdated, sluggish, and lacked the capacity to promote expansion. The growing number of new claims taxed the code-heavy system and limited SSA agents’ ability to process cases efficiently. The aging system also promoted duplicity and errors in case management, which are both time consuming and costly. SSA needed a cost-effective, responsive, and expandable solution to ensure their systems were able to handle the rapidly rising number of claimants.  

Softek’s Solution: Reimagining a Mainframe to the Cloud

Softek’s Agile management team began by thoroughly analyzing the agency’s needs and evaluating the SSA’s digital infrastructure to identify gaps from the ground up. Our analysis identified areas for innovation that would provide the SSA with  forward-thinking technologies that met and exceed their current and future business needs.  

Softek’s development teams transformed the entire SSA enterprise, by implementing: 

  • An Agency Cloud Infrastructure 
  • An Enterprise Data Warehouse 
  • A Big Data Platform, and  
  • A Modern Development Environment. 

We transitioned SSA away from its old mainframe-based services to Hadoop to promote faster, more reliable, and scalable solutions that can better handle their big data processing needs. As part of this effort, Softek migrated 50 thousand lines of COBOL code and wrapped them in only 200 lines of low-maintenance code. We also used Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to develop automated scheduling systems. that promote detection of duplicates and errors in claimant cases. 

Softek’s Results:

Softek’s simple, smart, and safe IT solutions helped the SSA achieve its modernization goals for big data. Our complete, custom-tailored solutions outperformed the SSA’s legacy systems with: 

  • Migrated infrastructure to AWS cloud
  • Transitioned mainframe to Hadoop, migrating 50,000 lines of COBOL, wrapping in 200 lines of new code
  • RPA to automate duplication and error protection
  • Saved money by eliminating repetitive processes, consolidating operations, and reducing support needs
  • Lower maintenance costs 
  • Transparency through on-demand reporting, and 
  • Expandability. 

Softek’s scalable cloud and big data solutions ensure the SSA can digitally manage highthroughput claims and terabytes of data with ease, both now—and in the future. 

Our Impact

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