Project Description

Modernizing NARA’s Presidential Archives – NARA EOP 43 & 44


Years of Records – Catalog, archive, and index of presidential records
Presidential Archives -Presidents Reagan, Bush II, Clinton, Bush III, and Obama
Google-like search objects for rapid, reliable results in all media formats
Availability – Built on AWS GovCloud, improving storage, security, and features


The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) needed new functionality for its Presidential archives. Softek was there to redesign a functional platform and migrate mission-critical data.


NARA modernized its systems by upgrading to an AWS GovCloud platform to host its archival data. EOP 43 and 44 datasets existed on legacy systems that contained hundreds of terabytes and lacked future-forward functionality, capacity, and response times.

To ensure their archivists could answer to records requests (e.g., Freedom of Information Act) quickly and thoroughly and provide the public with a responsive, modern digital archive, NARA needed to redesign and replatform their systems on the AWS GovCloud.


Softek designed a scalable AWS architecture for current and future EOP applications that:

  • Standardized EOP performance against the growing volume of data it manages, and
  • Created a repeatable process for standing up new EOP instances.

We refactored and redesigned the EOP from its old Hitachi Content Platform to NARA’s AWS GovCloud, creating a scalable and secure platform with 99.99% availability. This required a complete redesign of the system that replicated its modes within the new cloud.

Once redesigned, Softek used SAS-based data migration cycles, with critical SAS packets migrated up front, to transfer data to the AWS GovCloud.We ensured no loss in functionality or performance due to migration and met all federal and NARA IT security requirements.

To enhance the redesign and improve functionality, Softek built a ‘Google-like’ search engine that returned rapid, reliable results for all media forms, providing archivists with improved access to records with faster return times.


Migration of EOP data from the outdated Hitachi Content Platform to NARAs AWS GovCloud provided significant improvements to the archive:

  • Zero loss of data
  • Greater functionality to users
  • Next-generation platforming for future EOPs
  • Exceptional security
  • Enhanced search capabilities.

Our Agile development and DevSecOps accelerators integrated all functional and non-functional requirements and we exceeded expected performance levels, providing NARA with a top-notch and expandable system that will enable usability for years to come.

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